We Are Full-Stack Developers

Changing the Game

Many software developers rely on a variety of third parties for skillsets to build the application you need, and even utilise off the shelf products for integration. We make it a point to have all end-to-end development of a solution done completely in-house, so that there are minimal points of failure. In-fact, when we suggest a solution, most of the times we know exactly what is required to build such a solution, from the server and client-side coding, right through to the database structures we will be putting in place. This way, we can give you an exact timeline for implementation, with no surprises with budget or delays.

Our CEO & Founder

Samuel Hoh

Samuel Hoh is an accountant turned Software developer. He got sick of how slowly things moved with solution development, that he learnt it all myself, Free of budget and skillset constraints.

After developing and launched 3 live commercial sites, Samuel is fluent in multiple programming languages, and full stack implementation across multiple platforms – Web applications, SQL Datacubes, client & server-side coding, automation scripts, and any other platform/language needed to get the job done,

Samuel is very passionate about automation is is keen to have a chat with anyone keen on starting their automation journey.

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We want full automation as of yesterday

We are impatient people. We want full-automation for organisations to happen yesterday.

Therefore we think outside of the box to help you get there. If your organisation structure prevents us from building our end-state automation structure in your department within a fast time-frame, we give you 10 other alternatives to achieving the same level of automation with differing methods.

We pride ourselves on being able to adapt our solutions to suit any organisation’s culture, structure, management appetite for change, or any resistance to change. Outcomes and instant results are more important then having the perfect solution, and we are not afraid to explore all avenues to getting to the same outcome.


Meet the Team

We wouldn’t be able to take Robot-Hub to the next level without our incredible team who collaborate together to make each project come to life. Our staff runs like a well-oiled machine, offering all of our clients a smart and useful products aimed at making their lives better. Read below to learn more about the incredible Robot-Hub team.

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