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At Robot-Hub, we believe in saving you time and money by increasing your efficiency and output. Our pricing structure is simple, you only pay for an agreed set amount of robot hours every month at $13.75/hour and we can guarantee an increase in output. Robot processing automation doesn't have to be expensive. Chat with us today to find out more.

No Consultation Fees

We are here to listen and advise at no extra charge and with no commitment from you. We're just efficiency aficionados.

No Scoping Fees

Unlike other businesses, we won't charge for time on scoping. We want to solve as many problems as you need.

No Training Fees

Zero costs in training our robots and our staff, or you. We want you to be confident in our product and our people and don't believe we need to charge for it.

No Design Fees

We don't charge for simple things like design, we want you to be happy and constantly work with us to get better.

No Integration Fees

No one-time integration fees that most businesses charge, we just want to make sure things work for you.

No Management Fees

Reach us 24/7 and we aim to get back to you within 1 business day. With robots automating what we need for us, we can focus on the big picture. You. 

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