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Stock Receipting


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Unknown shipment status

Our manufacturing client delivers around 50 shipments from their warehouse daily. Customers often call the incoming call centre to follow up on the status of these orders. Sometimes the customer service team is short-staffed due to the number of queries attended to.  


Monitor new shipments

Jim the robot connects to Mainfreight (logistics company) and monitors for any new shipments being created. Once a new shipment is assigned, Jim will take the consignment note and add this to the client's accounting system.

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Retrieve product data from accounting system

Jim will retrieve all items on the shipment alongside the customer's contact details. He will then place this in a nicely formatted email to be sent to the customer. Jim will also place the consignment number and link in the email so that the customer can track the delivery route directly from Mainfreight's website.


50% reduction in Customer queries

Calls the to customer service team have reduced by 50% as a result of automated notifications. This unintended time savings was over and above the original time savings calculations.

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