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Pricing & Services

At Robot-Hub, we believe in saving you time and money by increasing your efficiency and output. Our pricing structure is simple, you only pay for an agreed set amount of robot hours every month at very low rate and we can guarantee an increase in output.


Robot processing automation doesn't have to be expensive. We charge our Robots out as an hourly rate of $13.50, and one process can cost as little as 1 Robot hour per month.

Our clients have often started off with a small process to see how well our Robots perform, and end up requesting for more tasks to be given to our Robots.

Customised Robots


Scoping And Quotation

We meet with you on-site or via Zoom, with the goal of identifying and scoping any of your business processes that the Robot can handle.

We will provide you with a quote for the number of Robot hours each process will cost per month.


Robot Training and Development

Once the quote is accepted, training for the robot will begin.


This could range from 1 day to a few weeks depending on how complex your process is, and external factors such as API integration requirements.


Robot Go-live

Once Robot is fully tested by both yourself and our development team, the Robot will now start processing your work!

You only pay for the Robot once it has began work.

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