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Quin the Robot

Quin the AI Robot

With over three years of experience in the document scanning industry, we've harnessed our expertise to develop an innovative machine-learning AI robot named Quin.

Quin is engineered for continuous self-improvement. Users have the unique opportunity to train their specific version of Quin according to their usage patterns and needs, effectively personalising its functionality.


These learnings are then reapplied by Quin to enhance its document reading capabilities. At Robot-Hub, we monitor these additional learnings to ensure that no rogue code infiltrates the overall model.


In line with current AI trends, the use of our AI document robot costs nothing. It operates with a high level of accuracy and does not rely on human input. It has always been a challenge applying AI to actual business operations, but we have managed to apply this to a very universal administrative process – Data Entry.


Experience the capabilities of our AI Robot firsthand. Try Quin now.

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