Are you or your staff still manually doing data entry and repetitive processing?

Stop doing this! Our Robots can do all of this for you.


Humans need to be doing valuable work, not boring, manual repetitive tasks. Let our Robots process this for you without you lifting a finger.

Our Robots can handle any part of the business process that follows a set of business rules.

Watch our explainer video for a quick rundown of how you can use our Robots.

Check out our explainer video

Our Clients

Here at Robot-Hub, we build Robots. And we have done so for a very long time.


These are the companies we have built Robots for so far.


We are based in Auckland, New Zealand – the land of sails, but we have a global reach!


Contact us for a referee from any of these companies!



Still not convinced? Here is how our Robots stack up against their fellow humans!


This is a comparison of Jim the Robot, compared with his fellow human when processing documents. We have the ability to teach Jim to process any type of document you throw at him. Our other robots perform pretty well as well in their own job type.


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So what are you waiting for??


Contact us today to hire one of our Robots! Your business will benefit from our 24/7 available workers, who will never leave you.


Give us a brief introduction of what you are looking to hand over to our Robots so that we can prepare for the meeting.


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