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Document Scanning

Document scanning represents about 60% of all our client demands. We have trained our robots to read all sorts of documents, and have perfected the requirements for each document type. Read more below.

Supplier Invoices

Incoming Supplier Invoices usually require only header data - Dates, PO number, Invoice number, invoice total, bank number. The robot can extract other fields like your accounting codes, delegations, from historical coding from your accounting system. The Robot can then match these against any outstanding PO, and closed it if the figures are within a predefined margin.

supplier invoice.webp
supplier statement.png

Supplier Statements

Why look through 100 lines of invoices, and to check each of these individually that they have been paid in your accounting system? Our robot will check all 100 lines in under a minute, and can create outgoing emails to your supplier to request any missing invoices. 

Stock Invoices

Do you have incoming invoices containing stock items, needing to be matched with delivery receipts, your inventory list, or line by line against the PO itself? Our robots can do 4 way matching against all lists with a complex set of validation and exception handling options to ensure all lines are allocated to the correct document.

incoming document.png
sales order.png

Sales Orders

Receive sales orders from your customers? No worries. Our robots will check for the product code on each line to confirm these are valid. They can also learn to code in your customer system's mistakes and recode these to correct product code. Next up, the robot will proceed to check for available stock, and place everything unavailable on backorder. 

Pivoted Stock Items

Do you own a retail store and receive invoices, packing slips, with multiple sizes, colours, on a single line? Our Robots can recognise individual sizes or colour headings (S, M, L, LX, red, blue, grey, green), and translate these to your system in a read to import manner. Imagine having 4 pages of products with 5 sizes per line. Give your staff a data entry break! 

incoming document.png
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