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About Us

Robot-Hub is founded on the principles of automation and digitisation, and to improve workplace efficiency. 

We strive to free individuals from mundane, repetitive tasks, replacing them with our smart, learning-capable robots. At Robot-Hub, we've been building robots for a substantial amount of time, each uniquely designed to serve a variety of functions.


Our robots are fully customisable to meet your unique business requirements and can be trained to adhere to specific processes within your business. Moreover, integrating with different systems is not an issue as our robots can be taught to login to any platform, effectively streamlining operations and revolutionising how you conduct your business.

Our robots serve different functions. Just like your regular employee, these robots are fully customisable. So if you have a unique business rule, that additional validation you need in your process, we can teach them to do this for you. Does your company use different systems? Not a problem either. Our robots can be taught to login to any platform.

Our Founder

Sam Hoh, the founder and CEO of Robot-Hub, is a software developer who is passionate about harnessing the power of technology to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and simplify the lives of others.

Sam has a successful track record of developing and launching three live commercial sites. He is proficient in multiple programming languages, and full-stack implementation across a variety of platforms. From web applications to SQL Datacubes, client and server-side coding, automation scripts, and beyond, Sam is well-versed in leveraging any platform or language necessary to tackle complex challenges.

Meet The Team

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