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About Us

Robot-Hub is a specialised software development firm focusing on the development of digital workers, commonly referred to as Robots. 

We strive to free people from mundane, repetitive tasks, by helping them with our smart, learning-capable robots. With extensive experience in robot development, we offer a range of uniquely designed robots that cater to various functions. Our robots are highly customisable, allowing them to be tailored to your unique business requirements. They can be trained on any process specific to your organisation and will become an integral part of your operations. 


Our goal is to empower small and medium-sized enterprises to adopt robotic solutions and embrace digital workers in their environment to enhance efficiency and productivity. Experience the future of automation without breaking the bank with Robot-Hub and unlock new levels of success. Let's revolutionise the way you work!

Our Founder

Samuel Hoh

Sam Hoh, the founder and CEO of Robot-Hub, isn't just your regular software developer - he's also a visionary entrepeneur with a genuine passion for improving the lives of others through technology.

Sam has a remarkable track record of developing and launching a multitude of live commercial sites, he has proven expertise with multiple programming languages to use creative innovative solutions that streamline processes, boost efficiency and simplify day to day operations. Sam's dedication to tackling complex challenges is fuelled by commitment to finding the most effective and efficient solutions by exploring new technology, keeping up with industry trends and leveraging the latest tools and methods to ensure that Robot-Hub remains on top of innovation. 

Sam genuinely wants to make a positive impact and that's what sets him apart, his mantra revolves around 'technology as a means to an end' while his empathetic nature allows him to create user-friendly and intuitive interfaces. With a friendly and approachable demeanour, Sam will always listen to the needs of his clients and help no matter how busy or late in the day it is.

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Meet The Team

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