About Us

The Robots are not coming, they are already here. The Future of work is that of a digital one, and the next stage of the workforce are Robot Employees.


Robot-hub is founded on the principles of automation and digitisation, and to improve workplace efficiency. 

Humans need to be doing valuable work, not boring, manual repetitive tasks. Let Jim the Robot process this for you without you lifting a finger. Here at Robot-Hub, we build Robots. And we have done so for a very long time.

Our robots serve different functions. Just like your regular employee, these robots are fully customisable. So if you have a unique business rule, that additional validation you need in your process, we can teach them to do this for you. Does your company use different systems? Not a problem either. Our robots can be taught to login to any platform.

Our Founder

Sam Hoh is an accountant turned Software developer. He got sick of how slowly things moved with solution development, that he learnt it all by himself, free of budget and skillset constraints. 

Developed and launched 3 live commercial sites. Fluent in multiple programming languages, and full stack implementation across multiple platforms - Web applications, SQL Datacubes, client & server-side coding, automation scripts, and any other platform/language needed to get the job done.

Meet The Team