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Binary Decision-Making

Do you have a complex business process that requires similar repetitive decision making, over large quantities of documents or tickets? Let our Robots take care of this for you. We connect into any existing business Queue you have, and apply a layer of business logic on top of this so that your staff don't have to. 

Complex Layered Decision-Making

The Robot is able to make individual decisions across multiple lines on a single record. This decision making capability can be written for any scenario within the process. In this case we are using the Robot to make multiple decisions based on lines it has extracted from an incoming document.

carters order.jpg
decision tree.jpg

Multiple looped decisions made within seconds

The robot can make multiple decisions really quickly, just like a human would, but at exponential rates. With the example above, the Robot looped through each line within the sales order, and made a decision whether or not to ship the line out to the customer immediately or on a backorder.

Decision based on multiple data sources

The Robot would connect into the inventory management system, and based on each stock level, make a call per line. The example displays the same order being split into a backorder, and also the notes that the Robot has written based on his decision per line. 

split order.jpg

100% customised to your process

This decision making ability will be customised to your organisation's requirements and business rules. Given a highly repetitive process, the Robot is able to make decisions on any information available to it in digital format.

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