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Connecting your Accounting System

(1) Connect Quin to your Accounting System (XERO, Quickbooks)

Make sure you are have selected your organisation. This should be available on the top right dropdown of your screen.

- Go to Settings > Connections.

- Create and enter the fields required for your accounting system.

- Once you have created the connection and saved it, click create link on the top right of the screen.

- Clicking the button should bring you to your login screen for your accounting system. Once you login, it will prompt you to give access to the Robot.

- For XERO connections - make sure you provide Accounting & Business access to the Robot.

- Click OK - you will be redirected back to Robot-Hub, and your connection should now be fully set up.

(2) Enable Push and/or Automatic Post

- Click on your Connection at Settings > Connections

- Add a new setting.

(3) Import your Supplier and Ledger Accounts from your Accounting system

- Navigate to Settings > Suppliers

- Click on Sync Xero. This should

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