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Supplier Invoice Exception handing

If Quin is not able to map this, you will need to handle this exception on screen.

1) Click on Supplier Invoices > Exceptions. This will display all invoices that Quin was not able to automatically map.

2) Click on 'View'. This should bring up the invoice with red boxes highlighted across your invoice. On the Right of this invoice frame, will be a section called 'Document Analysis'.

3) Under this section, you will see any red crosses. These represent sections that you need to help Quin map. This is once off, and once you do this, Quin will remember these mappings the next time the same supplier sends another invoice through.

4) Click on the textbox that needs mapping, which will bring up a notice for you to click on the value on your invoice.

5) After you click the value, it will ask you to click on the label, for example the label for invoice number INV-1234 is "Invoice:" or "Invoice No:", depending on what your supplier's accounting system calls it.

6) When all fields are fully mapped, you can then click the submit button, with will push this invoice into your accounting system.

Note that this screen works for just simple mapping labels. For advanced mapping, you will need to use the Rules screen, the post for Advanced Rules are here

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