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Partnership: NZQBA - Free 1 month trial for members

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

We have recently partnered with NZQBA as a key partner as we share the same goals of helping independent bookkeepers to large organisations grow their business.

In an upcoming lunch and learn session, we look at 5 top bookkeeping challenges and how to tackle them through automation. If you are a seasoned bookkeeper, you may be familiar with these challenges but have not been able to tackle it or if you are a new bookkeeper, we guarantee you will run into these challenges.

Our Robots are able to automate your clients invoices and process them at accounting standard. If you handle complex integrations, businesses, invoices, we would love to take on the challenge and automate that for you.

We pride ourselves in our ability to handle complex tasks and requirements, stop manually processing invoices and focus on growing your client base. By investing in automation and using the latest tech stack that we offer, you can set your business apart from your competitors.

Come speak to us now!

NZQBA members will get a free trial of our services for a month, no obligation and hidden fees.

Contact us by clicking the contact form today

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