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Aspen - Sales Reps

Updated: Mar 29, 2023



2) Click the sign in button.

3) If this is your first time signing in, click the 'Sign Up' button and create an account with the email address head office has provided to you.

Enter your username, the email you have been requested to use, and a password. After this, you will be sent a verification email to click on to enable the account.

4) Sign in with the login and you will get the Aspen admin screen similar tot the below screenshot


Please Make sure you follow all steps below:

(A) Add a new user

1) Go to Entities > Users/People > Create

2) Add the first name, last name, and email address, click create

3) Add this person to the Customer Role. Scroll down under 'Roles Assigned', and click on Add, and the button 'create' on the right. This should have defaulted to Customer Ordering.

(B) Assign the user to a pharmacy

Once the user is created, you need to assign the user to a pharmacy that they will be able to order from

1) Go to Entities > Customers. This will display all Pharmacies available. This is synced directly from the StayInFront system.

2) Click 'View' on the pharmacy that the user is associated with. Under approeved users, Click on 'Add'.

3) A new screen will pop up, and this will let you add the new user to the list of approved users. Once this is complete, the user will be able to order products from the pharmacy requested.


1) Go to Sales > Customer Orders. This shows you a list of all orders made from the portal. If the status of an order is 'In Cart', The pharmacy has just created an order, but has not yet confirmed it.


1) Go to Pharmacy Sales > Promotions

2) Select the promotional period you are looking for. This will show promotional lines per Product Group. This will be the same as what is listed in StayInFront's groups.

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