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Intersport Demo & Tutorial

Welcome aboard. Once you have signed our Robot proposal, you can get started immediately!


1) Start forwarding all your incoming stock invoices to our Robot's Email. It will look something like ( A unique robot email address should have been provided to you by one of our Robot Trainers. If you do not have this, please email

2) Within 2 minutes, the Robot will display the invoice with all data from the invoice on screen. See screenshot below.

3) If you have received all products in store, simply click the 'Push to REX' button and this will be posted into Retail Express. If there are any products missing, simply adjust the 'Credit' quantity, and push the credit to retail express for the supplier to provide you with a credit.

4) Never do data entry again!

Exception Handling

At times, supplier invoices will contain product codes or numbers that have not yet been set up in Retail Express. This will go into an exception queue. This is monitored closely by the Robot-Hub team.

(i) If the product has a variation in how the codes are displayed on invoice VS Retail Express, we will teach to robot to recognise the supplier's format (etc 2XL vs XXL, 8.5 vs 085).

(ii) If this product has not been entered, it will stay in the exception queue. Once these is available on Retail express, the Robot will push these through within 1 day. You will have access to this queue on screen.

Current Suppliers

We have taught Jim the Robot to recognise all your major supplier's invoices mapped. We will continue to teach Jim to recognise any invoices you sent through, this may take up to 2 working days. Here is the current list as at the time of writing:

- 2xu Pty Ltd


- Addlon Trading Co Pty Ltd

- Adidas Australia Pty Limited

- Alpha Group Aust Pty Limited

- Amer Sports Australia Pty Ltd