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Intersport Go-Live User Manual

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Congratulations! If you are reading this than you have successfully launched with our Robots!

Here is a step by step guide to getting you started.

(A) Logging into our system

1) Log in here: .You should have received a login email from us detailing your login email. If this is your first time, you need to click the sign up button, and add the verification code sent to your email.

2) You're in!

(B) Start forwarding inwards goods invoices to the robot

1) Start forwarding all your incoming stock invoices to our Robot's Email. It will look something like ( A unique robot email address should have been provided to you by one of our Robot Trainers. If you do not have this, please email

2) Within 2 minutes, the Robot will display the invoice with all data from the invoice on screen. on the top taskbar, go to Inwards Goods > (3) Unposted Stock Invoices. See screenshot below.

3) If you have received all products in store, simply click the 'Push to REX' button and this will be posted into Retail Express. If there are any products missing, simply adjust the 'Credit' quantity, and push the credit to retail express for the supplier to provide you with a credit.

(C) Autopushing to REX

If you are confident that all items are always sent to the store correctly, we are able to tell the robot to automatically post this to REX. Just email and let us know the suppliers whose invoices you want posted directly to REX. They will be loaded as 'On-Order'.

(D) Exceptions

You can view a list of all exceptions that did not get coded by the Robot. the Robot-Hub Team endeavors to clear this within 2 working days. You can access the exception list here: Inwards Goods > (2) Exceptions

There are generally 2 types of exceptions:

(i) Stock code variations

If the product has a variation in how the codes are displayed on invoice VS Retail Express, we will teach to robot to recognise the supplier's format (etc 2XL vs XXL, 8.5 vs 085). The Robot-Hub human team will teach the robot these variations within 2 working days.

(ii) Stock not listed in Retail Express

If this product has not been entered, it will stay in the exception queue. Once these is available on Retail express, the Robot will push these through within 1 day. You do have the option of refreshing the inventory list manually by going to Inwards Goods > REX Inventory and clicking the 'Rex Sync' button. This will pull in any changes made to any item on REX within the last 48 hours. One of your staff members needs to monitor this queue so that new products are added to your REX inventory list.

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