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Client Testimony: Easy Access New Zealand

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Easy Access is New Zealand's leading suppliers of durable scaffolding systems and was one of our first clients in the Manufacturing industry. Together in our partnership, we developed Jim the Robot to help save their time, admin and sanity! See how they feel about Robot-Hub in an interview with their quality and process manager, Anneke Mostert. We look forward to a continued partnership with Easy Access!

If you are in the manufacturing industry and want to learn how Robot-Hub can streamline your process, contact us today!

Read the full interview below

  "My name is Anneke and I'm the quality and process manager at Easy Access."

How did you find out about Jim the Robot?

"Well, it was really interesting. I started working with Easy Access on ordering and, loading manual orders was getting too much and I thought that, you know, there must be something that we can do. So I started looking for solutions and found out by one of our colleagues about Robot Hub. And then that's why I've partnered you guys."

What impact has Jim the Robot made on the business?

Actually a huge impact, starting from customer care straight into consignment notes. It's actually days of saving with loading manual orders and having Jim doing that. It's just made a huge difference.

How does Jim the Robot save you time?

So processing orders, if you look about a company closing down for a couple of weeks in December, you come back and you have hundreds of orders to manually do. It normally takes one person, depending on the order size, roughly about two to three days to clear the inbox. Where with Jim or with Robot Hub, we process orders in one day and it was double the amount it was a year ago.

How do you find Robot-Hub's customer service?

"Always there when you need them. If something happens, especially when you design a new system, there's always glitches that you have to work through and they fix it right on the spot. Never had to wait longer than a couple of hours."

Would you recommend Robot-Hub to other businesses?

"Yes, definitely. Especially manufacturing companies. Robot-Hub has much more that can be used in systems. They can be used for project tracing, logging ins. There's a lot of other products that people don't seem to know about Robot-Hub, that we are experimenting with them and it really works."

What is your advice to other businesses?

"Instead of struggling. Instead of trying to do stuff manually, the whole paper way, maybe people just look back and stand back and give you guys a try. I've done it, the company has done it, and we have no regrets."

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