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Client Testimony: Intersport Australia (Franchisee)

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Check out how one of Intersport Australia's franchisees feels about our Robots and services. We are really thrilled to save them time and money. Since being onboarded with us from July this year, they have been a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to a continued partnership with them.

If you own a retail store, we are more than happy to assist you with inwards stock receipting, amongst all our other Robot capabilities. Contact us today!

Read the full interview below:

  "Hi, my name's Leanne Wood. I do finance, payroll, and stock and a bit of everything."

How did you find out about Jim the Robot?

"We were looking for ways to improve our accuracy in our stores and to get rid of some manpower, put people back on the floor. We knew there would have to be better ways to data entry and manual data entry. So we did a Google short search and Jim the Robot came up."

What impact has Jim the Robot made on the business?

"It's had a huge impact. We started implementation in July with one of our stores so that we could get, get everything working smoothly and then we slowly rolled out to our three stores. It has taken manual labor way down. We've implemented our biggest footwear and apparel supplies first, and then we're slowly adding the rest as we go along.

It's dropped human error. It's also dropped manual workload for our staff, which means, they can spend more time on the floor, and it's a faster process getting our stock from the warehouse onto the floor ready to sell.By creating purchase orders directly into our reps system, it eliminates errors. It saves manual entering of all our data into the system, which therefore means stock comes in all you do is check it, receipt where you go, stock goes on the floor. Perfect.

How does Jim the Robot save you time?

"On our small invoices, it would save two to three minutes of an invoice. But some of our larger invoices that can save an hour worth of data entry, as two of our stores don't have full-time warehouse people. This is a massive, massive increase for our business. Things like, color codes, we have apparel, footwear suppliers that will have hundreds of color codes as error."

We have massive error rate just because it's data entry that's eliminated that it's all straight, straight into the system. Then if you check it off, that's it. It's the way you go. Some of our invoices can be, file up six pages long. They can take an hour to do this. Doesn't, all you do is check your stock off, check your quantities, and you're done.

We don't have to retrain staff. We don't have issues with accuracy."

How long did it take for Jim to start saving you time?

Since implementation in July, we've seen time savings straight, straight up. As we keep going along and as more suppliers get added and everything gets automated more, I would estimate that finally it'll be about 50% savings in time and efficiency within our stores."

How do you find Robot-Hub's customer service?

We've been dealing with Samuel since the beginning and he's fantastic. From start when we first started to implement to actually using the robot and going forward, we have regular catch up communication's. Great. They're great with feedback. They want us to give them feedback on dashboard information functionality, so we've worked with them to get improvements done and systems going long way.

Would you recommend Robot-Hub to other businesses?

"Yes, we definitely recommend for any business it's time, accuracy, and money that you would save, and we have at least 500 invoices most months, sometimes more. This has made a massive difference to our business."

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